The Summoning

Finally, he had everything he needed for his ritual.

Killian stared down at the large, intricate summoning circle in the middle of the floor, mentally taking note of all the steps he’d gone through to make sure he would get it right.

He’d cleansed himself. He’d worn his protective amulet. He’d drawn the circle. He’d lit the candles.

Now all that was left was to make an offering and chant the spell.

Drawing out a small silver knife, Killian made a small cut on his finger and squeezed it above the circle, letting a few drops fall down in the middle of it. Then, he picked up his large book of spells and cleared his throat, silently rereading the one he’d noted down before he actually started to chant it out loud.

He was halfway through when a sudden wind started whooshing in the room, lifting up the fabric of his vest and almost ripping it off from him. He shivered, his voice trembling from the cold since he was fully nude underneath it, but he did not dare to stop chanting. Terrible things could come out of a botched summoning. He was not interested in finding out what might happen if he interrupted the ritual halfway through.

Finally, just as he was about to finish, the outlines of the summoning circle started to glow. He smirked as he uttered the very last word, taking a few step backwards and staring down as the air sizzled and twisted right above the strange glow. A portal was opening, ripping apart the very fabric of reality like an overly-stretched shirt.

At first, he could see nothing but complete blackness in it. Upon closer inspection, however, he could see a writhing dark mass, his heart beating faster as a thin tendril slowly extended its tip out of the portal, sliding down along the floor to explore its wooden surface. More and more tendrils soon followed the first, a faint dark mist slowly spilling out of the portal.

Taking a deep breath, Killian unhooked the metal clasp that kept his vest closed around his chest, letting it fall down at his feet. He was completely nude underneath it, his pale skin covered in goosebumps from the coldness of the air.

He took one step forward, almost touching the glowing edge of the circle. One of the tendrils seemed to sense his closeness, changing its direction and slithering towards his foot, touching it with its tip before sliding up along his skin, wrapping itself around his ankle. Its touch felt hot, it was clearly alive and possibly warm-blooded. He couldn’t really be sure, unfortunately as much as Killian had tried to read up about that creature he hadn’t been able to find all that many details.

It was no wonder; most people who stumbled upon it did so by mistake, either by foolishly playing out ancient rituals they found written somewhere or heard from someone, or by mixing up instructions while meaning to do a very different kind of summoning. Those who did know how to summon it usually made sure to avoid it.

Not that it was dangerous per se, or at least not compared to some other monsters that one might end up summoning.

It was just that it had some very… peculiar, habits, so to speak.

Killian smirked.

Another tendril slithered towards him, the first one lazily climbing along his leg, brushing the inside of his thigh in a way that made him shiver. The second one joined in and wrapped itself around the same leg. Soon enough Killian felt the tip of the first one reaching his crotch, poking at his scrotum and then at his slightly hard cock. The second one instead moved past his perineum and started to poke around his pink anus, trailing along its edges while secreting some sort of mucus before it started prodding at it, easily slipping its tip inside him.

Killian gasped, his cheeks flushing and his heart beating fast from the excitement. He knew it was crazy, summoning a monster purely for the purpose of satisfying his own lust, but he’d been fantasizing about it since he first heard that tale. Initially he had thought it was nothing but some erotic story that some bored adventurer had made up to entertain whoever was paying his beers, but he’d been so taken in by it he’d rapidly become obsessed with finding out more. It had taken him months of research to find anything, and years to gather enough knowledge to carry out his current experiment.

Once the first tentacles had started familiarizing themselves with his body, the rest of them also started to approach him. Three of them slithered up his other leg, two of them stopping to wrap themselves around his rapidly hardening cock while the other also slid between his buttocks to prod and push and slide inside his ass, joining the first one in its exploration. More and more followed, forcing his legs apart and effectively preventing his escape - not that he had intended to even attempt it in the first place.

Both of his wrists were grabbed, the tendrils wrapping themselves around his arms and pulling him closer towards the portal. The more they extended out from the writhing darkness, the thicker they got, although there were also some differences in sizes between them. One of them was as thick as his arm, and it wrapped itself around his waist before trailing up along his chest, poking at one of his pecs and brushing against his nipple. He moaned out loud, and the creature - or creatures? Killian wasn’t sure if it was a single entity or some sort of collective - seemed to hear him because the tip of the tentacle opened up like a strange, fleshy flower. Inside it was covered in bumps that wriggled around like miniature tongues, and once it latched onto his nipple with a sucking motion those tiny bumps immediately started to stimulate it, making him moan out even louder. It was almost too intense and he instinctively tried to reach for it and pull it away but his arms were forced against his sides, more and more tentacles wrapping themselves around them to keep him still.

That was when it fully struck him. He was completely helpless and unable to escape. A warm shiver ran down his spine at the thought, his cock growing even harder. That was exactly what he’d wanted, to be at the mercy of that hungry, relentless creature without any chance to escape from the pleasure it chose to inflict on him.

One tentacle wrapped itself around his throat, and for a moment he was concerned it might choke him. Instead, it only slithered up along his jaw and brushed its tip against his mouth, spreading its viscous substance all over his chin and lips as it pressed to try and gain access. Killian felt a thrill of excitement as he parted his lips and allowed it to slide in, its slime covering his tongue as it started to explore his mouth. It tasted odd, not unpleasant but unlike anything he’d ever tasted before, and it made his tongue tingle. Apparently the creature’s fluids had a soothing and aphrodisiac effect, which was one of the few reasons for which it was intentionally summoned – albeit rarely.

Killian soon found himself entranced by it, licking and sucking on the strange appendage, which twisted around and caressed his tongue as if it was kissing him back. His whole body was rapidly getting more sensitive and every new touch made him shiver, even the more innocent ones. His tormented nipple felt almost as if it was a small cock, making him pant and moan and twitch helplessly into the tentacles’ grasp. His other nipple was as hard as a small pebble and already twinging in pleasure even before it was touched. When a small tendril wrapped itself around it and squeezed down on it, Killian arched up and came right away, his eyes rolling back in his skull as his climax coursed through him, making him spurt his seed right into the open portal.

Of course, the creature did not relent even if he’d just been forced to come. The first two thin tentacles inside his ass were joined in by a much thicker one, which slowly eased its way in as Killian’s body struggled to open up and accept its girth. The discomfort lasted only a moment, the aphrodisiac fluid it secreted quickly working its magic. Killian felt himself get stretched open, feeling every inch of it as it was slowly making its way inside him. His insides squeezed around it, but rather than to push it out it was as if his body was trying to swallow it up and eagerly welcome more of it inside him.

Meanwhile, every inch of his body was being teased, from the soles of his feet to the inside of his thighs, from the pits of his knees to the inner shell of his ears, the wet tentacles feeling almost as if they were licking him all over.

Of course, Killian’s cock was not spared from that sweet torment. Several tentacles alternated between sliding along his perineum, gently squeezing his balls and moving along his pulsating length, lazily stroking it as they wrapped themselves along it, teasing the edge of his glans and his slit with their tips. One particularly thin tentacle even started to slowly push against his slit, forcing its way through it and making him scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure – though the pain subsided after less than a minute.

Another tentacle started pushing its tip against his ass, and Killian thought there was no way it would ever fit, he was already feeling so incredibly full by the first ones. Clearly, he was not prepared for the tentacles’ persistence. The two thinner ones that were already inside him started to pull and forcefully stretch his asshole at its sides, slowly applying more and more pressure until the tip of the thicker new tentacle finally popped in and inched its way inside his body, opening him up in a way he had never believed could be possible. Once it was finally comfortably seated inside his body, then both tentacles started to thrust back and forth following different paces, the friction stimulating his entrance while the constant hammering against his prostate soon enough brought him over the edge again, his entire body quaking from an earth-shattering orgasm which felt even more intense than the first one.

He wanted to collapse and recover, but there was no rest to be had while he was at the mercy of his tormentors. He couldn’t help but whine as he felt a third one try to join in as well, shaking his head and groaning helplessly as the other tentacles once again stretched his hole open until even that length was forced in, his weak protests muffled by the one that was still in his mouth. He could feel the ones that had previously forced their way in him ravaging at his insides, and when he glanced down he was shocked to see the outline of one of them from over his belly.

For the first time, Killian started to wonder if maybe things weren’t getting out of hands.

Thankfully he hadn’t been dumb enough as to not prepare himself for the worst. Using his knowledge as a mage and after having performed a few minor experiments involving much less complicated summonings, he had altered the ritual so that the portal would start closing on its own after a while, which would force whatever creature came out of it back inside.

The only problem was, he wasn’t sure of how long that would take. Of how much longer he would be forced to endure that maddening pleasure. He was starting to worry he might go crazy from it before that time came.

And speaking of coming, his third orgasm washed over him with the strength of a hurricane as the tendril that ravaged his urethra made its way to his prostate, his body fully unprepared for an attack from both sides. He could not fully spurt out his semen until the tendril slipped out, leaving his slit stretched open and twitching slightly as the milky-white strands flowed out like a small torrent.

Of course, the tentacles did not leave that hole alone for long. Killian watched helplessly with a mixture of resignation, dread and arousal as two small tendrils approached the first one and then they all twisted around each other in a drill-like shape, attacking his widened slit with enthusiasm, the precum and cum that still dripped out acting as a lubricant together with their aphrodisiac fluids. It did not even hurt, but the overwhelming pleasure was bordering on painful, except his body seemed to be unable to be satisfied no matter how exhausted he was.

Soon, he silently told himself, clinging to that thought with all of his strength, soon the portal would close and finally that torment would be over. He finally understood the danger of such a seemingly harmless creature and the foolishness of his choice. He would never again tamper with magic to sate his own lust. He just had to endure until it was over, then he would destroy all of his notes about the ritual to make sure that neither he nor anyone else would be tempted to use them.

Until then, he could do nothing at all to stop it, his milky-white body now suspended above the portal and forced into an uncomfortable arched-up pose while his cock, ass and even his mouth were being ravaged by the tentacles. Even his throat had been turned into an erogenous zone by the aphrodisiac, the thick tentacle in his mouth thrusting back and forth at a frenzied pace, muffled moans and cries escaping his lips while a mixture of drool and tentacle fluids dripped down his chin. He kept staring up at the ceiling, his mind feeling foggy as he was forced to cum over and over and over again, his body hanging limply like a toy in the tentacles’ firm grasp.

Killian lost the count of how many times he was being forced to cum, his orgasms becoming faster and faster to reach and more and more intense each time, making him black out from the sheer intensity of them before he was harshly awakened by the rough fucking and handling of his body.

Somehow, the longer it went on the more ways the tentacles still found to drive him mad with pleasure.

Just as he had initially feared, the one around his neck started to squeeze around it and choke him, hard enough to make him struggle and cough around the length that still fucked his throat, but stopping short of making him pass out, delaying his orgasms but also making them feel so much more intense when the grasp around his neck finally loosened.

When the tentacle that had been sucking and rubbing on his nipple let go of it with a soft plop, Killian couldn’t help but glance down at it, his violet eyes growing wide. Even through the blur of his tears he could see how swollen up and red his nipple had become. It had become so sensitive that even the sudden cold of the air surrounding it was enough to make him cum and black out again for a few moments. Then a tentacle grasped and pulled on it and he screamed, waking up at once and realizing that the mouth-like tentacle was now approaching the other nipple. He panicked and cried out against the tentacle stuffing his mouth, but all it seemed to do was prompt the other one to immediately latch onto his nipple and start sucking – and once again he blacked out, and once again he was forcefully awakened by the harsh pulling on his puffy, cherry red nipple. No doubt the tentacles could sense his despair, but rather than listening to his choked pleas they seemed to want to prolong his torture as much as possible.

It seemed like an eternity had passed before Killian’s ears finally picked up on a new, familiar sound among the wet, sloppy churning of his holes, his desperate, frantic breathing and the suffocated whimpers and cries he was letting out. A loud sizzling sound, like water dripping on an incandescent metal. Finally, fucking finally the portal was closing.

Killian couldn’t help but to cry in relief, thinking that his torture was finally about to be over. He would have given anything, anything at all to make it stop. His soul, his firstborn, any and all of his current and future riches, it didn’t matter.

As the sizzling grew louder and louder, the tentacles squeezed down harder on him, not wanting to let him go.

Killian would have sneered at them if he could. Thank goodness for his foresight. He could only imagine the shame he would have felt if any of his usual customers came there to look for him and found him in that sorry state.

And then, just as he was about to laugh from the sheer relief, the tentacles retreated and started pulling him back with them, rushing to get through the portal before it closed.

Killian’s mind froze.

No. No, no, it couldn’t be, it couldn’t really be happening.

But no matter how much he screamed and writhed and panicked, the tentacles continued to pull him down with them, more and more of them joining in as his body was fully enveloped by the writhing mass, watching helplessly as the portal started closing above him, a mere few inches from his face.

And at that point, as the last glimpse of light closed right in front of his eyes, his mind finally snapped and he really did laugh, an hysterical and uncontrollable laugh that shook his whole body.

There would never be an end to his torment.

He would be stuck there, being milked dry by those tentacles without a moment of mercy, until the day he died.

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