It could get lonely up there, stuck in the same tin can for weeks with the spaceship's computer as his only company. Then again, Tom figured it could have been worse.

He'd lost contact with the base, but at least he had enough resources to keep himself alive for quite some time. If he could manage to fix the communication module then it would only be a matter of waiting for a rescue party to come there and pick him up.

Too bad he wasn't a technician. He knew all he needed and then some about plants and other living beings, but circuits and mechanical parts weren't exactly his forte. So far his attempts to improvise himself as a mechanic had not been too successful, even with the computer's input.

“Too bad we can't google 'how to fix a spaceship's communication module', right Frank?”, he chuckled, right before throwing his screwdriver in frustration. He watched it float away through the ship, slowly spinning on itself.

The artificial gravity module was done for as well. Not his greatest problem but still a source of frustration. For starters, peeing at zero gravity wasn't exactly what he would call fun.

Tom pushed himself backwards towards one of the chairs, strapping himself to it and sighing as he let his body rest against the soft padding.

“Hey Frank, play something. Anything, really”.

If he had to stay alone with his own thoughts he feared he would go insane.

As the soft ambient music started to fill the air, Tom pressed his hands against his face and groaned. He felt like screaming. He didn't like that idea. Screaming alone with that elevator music in the background sounded like the sort of thing one would do after losing his marbles.

How long had he been up there, really?


“Hey, this is Thomas Rockwell. Today is... uhm... know what, nevermind”.

He turned off the camera and pressed his head against the wall, closing his eyes and counting to ten, taking a deep breath.

“What's the fucking point. I'm never getting out of this. Not like I'd be leaving anything of value either. 'Fucking moron dies of thirst because he didn't manage to do the one job he was hired to do'”.

He laughed bitterly. Did laughing alone count as a sign of insanity? Probably. Did he have any fucks left to give? Absolutely not.


To be fair, it hadn't been entirely Tom's fault if he ended up in that mess. If he had to estimate, he guessed it had been roughly 70% his fault and 30% the fact that the universe clearly hated him.

Sure, he had to admit it hadn't been the best idea to pass through a route that had not been approved and that he knew had a chance of violent meteor showers. A 17% chance to be precise. Against a 100% chance of taking three time as much via the much safer pre-approved route, for a pay that was frankly criminally low for his qualifications.

What were the odds, right?

“Joke's on me now, I'm going to be fucking stuck here for all eternity”.

'Eternity' in this case meaning roughly one year and half worth of water, after activating the emergency recycling mode – which was a nicer way to say he'd be drinking his own pee and the humidity left in the air from his perspiration, supposedly disinfected and purified.

That, of course, if he held out that long before snapping.

He idly wondered just how much it would hurt to get out there and go for a walk without his space suit.

With a heavy sigh, he forced himself to float back towards the communication module.


“Hello there, this is Thomas Rockwell. If you ever get this message, please tell Mrs Robinson I won't be back to take Ziggy home. Ah, and please tell her to not overfeed the damn thing, he's already fat enough as it is”.

He wondered how his cat was doing. Probably busy licking his ass and coughing up hairballs.

He never even liked cats. Not a fan of the whole tearing up curtains and meowing at three in the morning for food thing. If it hadn't been for his ex-boyfriend, he wouldn't have ever thought of letting that furball past his door.

He still remembered the day Alan came back, a guilty expression on his face and the most miserable-looking furry goblin under his coat. He remembered thinking whatever, probably wouldn't have lived to see the end of the week.

Three years from then Alan was gone and Ziggy was still there, running around his apartment like a Roomba on crack, a round ball of shiny red fur and sharp claws that loved to grip on his ankles when he was half-asleep and staggering to his kitchen to have breakfast.

Damn, he missed that furball.


It was the loud beeping that woke him up.

He hadn't even realized he had fallen asleep. He'd been tinkering with the communication module for hours with no pause, driven by a mixture of desperation and aimlessness. Not like he had much else to do, besides registering messages that no one would ever hear or curl up into a ball and wallow in his misery.

He rubbed his eyelids and groaned, that damn noise was already getting on his nerves.

“What's the matter now?”.

He sure hoped it was not an alarm warning of some new malfunction. That would be the icing on his shit cake. However, when he went to check he was taken aback as the computer informed him that the reason for all that ruckus was that something was outside of the ship. It was not able to determine what it was, but it was currently attached to the rear. No windows in that area, of course. Just his damn luck.

“Guess I'll have to go out there, huh. Don't wait up for me, Frank”.

He pushed himself towards the exit, opening the cabinet where his space suit had been stored. He took off his clothes and put on the skin-tight isolating bodysuit first, struggling a bit since it was not easy to slip inside it with no gravity. He ended up spinning on himself as he tried to put on the bottom part, and had to grasp on the door to stop before he started to feel sick.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity he zipped it up and adjusted it so that it would not tug in weird places, proceeding to wear the external suit which was a lot easier to get into. He made sure all the pieces were locked in place and hermetically sealed them with a button once the helmet was on and secured. There was a faint hiss, then the monitor on his arm lit up and informed him his oxygen reserves were full and his vitals were good.

It was time to leave and see for himself what the problem was.

He hadn't been sure of what to expect. If it had been a meteor or some other colliding object he would have expected it to cause damage, but the outside shell was intact according to the computer.

Still, whatever he might have expected to find, he never could have anticipated the sight that greeted him as he reached the back of the ship.

The first thing that caught his eyes was the light. A light blue luminescence, enveloping a strange writhing mass that seemed to be attached to the ship.

Tom was at loss of words.

He wasn't sure of how to process what he was seeing. Maybe he really had lost his marbles; still, that didn't explain how the computer could have sensed something that wasn't really there. Which meant that whatever that was, he wasn't just imagining it.

“Alright, man”, he whispered to himself. “Let's have a look”.

Approaching an unknown alien entity wasn't the smartest plan he could come up with, and normally he would have thought about it twice before discarding it, getting back to the ship to think of something more cautious and less likely to end up in contagion or worse. However, the time spent alone had made him more reckless.

What did he have to lose? He probably wouldn't ever make it back to the station. And this was a motherfucking alien. He was about to make contact with an alien.

My God.

He used the propulsor to push himself towards the unknown mass, stopping to float a few inches before it. Now that he was closer he could see that the creature was much larger than he first had thought, luminescent tendrils extending from it and approaching him.

He should have been afraid, he should have gotten away but he couldn't. He watched, mesmerized, as his left hand lifted as if by its own accord to touch the tip of one of those tendrils. His fingers closed around it, the tendril slowly wrapping around his palm and his wrist. For a moment he had the most ridiculous impulse to give it a handshake. It did feel like he was introducing himself, so maybe it wasn't that absurd, but he doubted the alien would understand the gesture. Hell, maybe it just grabbed his hand to rip it off from his body. He hadn't even stopped to consider that this creature might have been hostile.

Well, if it was, it certainly wasn't showing it. In fact, it let go of him and detached itself from the ship, floating in mid-air and extending more of its tentacles around it. It looked similar to an anemone but seemed to emit a sort of glowing aura around it.

Tom looked at his hand, without noticing anything out of the ordinary.

"Damn. I wish I could take a sample". He had some equipment with him, but he would have to go back on the ship to get it. Would the creature still be there if he came back?

"Hey, uhm... don't leave, ok?", he said after opening his communication channel. He doubted it could understand, but well, couldn't hurt to try.

He turned around and propelled himself back to the entrance. However, just as he was opening it he felt something tugging on his leg. He glanced back and, much to his shock, found that the creature had followed him all the way there.

"Wait, don't-".

It was too late. By the time the airlock opened, the creature had already started to float inside.

"Oh shit... alright, well, you need to step back, ok?".

It seemed like it couldn't understand him, or if it did it didn't care for his order.

"Look, you can't just come in. Get out!"

The airlock closed behind them. Tom sighed, opening it up again and propelling himself outside. The creature didn't follow him.

"Well, fuck". It seemed he was stuck there with it until it decided to get out.

Either that, or...

No, it would have been insane. He couldn't possibly bring an alien lifeform back on the ship.

Then again, at least it would be of more company than the computer.

Tom sighed again.

“I must really be insane”.

He went back inside, waiting for the airlock to close and then pressed on another button. He stared at the alien being as the depressurization started. He knew it was a bad idea, Hell, 'bad' didn't even begin to convey the sheer amount of insanity of letting an unknown and possibly hostile being inside his ship.

Still, that didn't stop him from opening the door and stepping in first, looking back to see if the other was still following him.

“Welcome to my humble abode”.

He could hear the computer beeping, no doubt to alert him of the intrusion.

“It's ok, Frank, he's with me”. He propelled himself towards the main deck and pressed on a few buttons, silencing the alarm and turning on the analytics to scan the environment. “Yeah, I know, tell me more than that. I already know an 'unknown mass has been detected', could have told you that myself. Millions of dollars of technology and that's the best you can do?”.

The creature approached him again, reminding him of his plan to analyze it. “Right, where's my stuff? You wait here”. He barely managed to move before he saw it float towards him. “Or, well, come with me I guess. That's also an option”.

He went to retrieve one of his kits, which was in pristine conditions since he didn't get the chance to use it yet. He was supposed to bring it with him in his next mission. Now he didn't even know if there would be a next mission, or at least one involving him.

“You don't like doing what you're told, huh?”. He took out a small resealable box, letting it float by his head. “Now, don't be alarmed. I don't mean to do you any harm”. He figured the small scalpel might look like a weapon and prompt the creature to become hostile, but it merely extended a tendril to touch it, as if examining it. “Well, it might hurt a bit. I, uhm, I want to take a sample. You're not going to strangle me or anything, right?”.

He cautiously grasped on the tentacle, taking a deep breath before pressing the blade into it. However, the sharp metal didn't manage to cut into the creature's flesh no matter how much he tried to push it in. It wasn't like it was hard, in fact the texture reminded him of jelly, but the blade just sunk in without cutting, gliding against the luminescent surface.

“What the Hell?”.

Well that put a damper on his enthusiasm. How was he supposed to analyze samples if he couldn't even collect them?

He let go of the tentacle, which gently slipped out of his grip and lifted to touch his helmet, sliding across its transparent bubble-like surface. The creature lifted more of its tentacles and repeated the action, seemingly trying to touch his face.

Tom wondered how they would feel against his skin.

“Yeah, sorry, can't take this off while you're here”. He tapped his finger against the glass. “For all I know you might be venomous, or carrying some alien disease. Nothing personal, you know?”.

He couldn't expose himself to a direct contact. That would be incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.

He checked his oxygen reserves. He couldn't stay in the suit forever either. That meant he would have to lure the creature outside in some way.

“For all I know you've already infected this whole place and I'm going to die horribly”, he muttered, reminding himself of how much of an idiot he'd been. No use crying over spilled milk and all that jazz, but damn, his supervisor would flip her shit if she saw him now.


A few hours later, a loud beeping alerted him that the scan had been finished.

“About time!”. Tom rushed to the deck and checked on the result. “Ugh. You don't know shit either. Well, at least now I know there's no toxins or pathogens in the air. That's good news, Blue. You're not sick. I'm sure you're as happy as I am to hear it”.

He knew the creature probably didn't understand him but it felt less weird to talk to it than to the computer. At least there was some sort of interaction going on between them. Mostly it followed him around and touched his suit or the objects in the ship as he went on and uselessly tried to repair the communication module again. It seemed quite curious about his instruments, and even tried to use them by copying his actions. He'd figured it couldn't do much damage, not much more than he could at this point, so he didn't try and stop it.

“Now, if you excuse me, I really need to take a piss”. He would have asked it for some privacy, but well, it was probably useless.

Getting out of the suit was already a relief. He couldn't be bothered to store it back in its container so he let the pieces float by the entrance. He had stopped caring about the mess a long while ago since he figured no one would stop by and see it.

“Yeah I don't think it would fit you, pal, and frankly you would look terrible in it”, he told the alien as he saw it grasp on the helmet and examine it with its tentacles. Now that he could no longer use the suit's propeller he had to move around by grasping on the ship's surfaces and pushing himself forward, which was kind of annoying. Especially when he was in a rush.

“Thank fuck this thing has no zipper”, he muttered as he finally reached the bathroom, taking advantage of the fact that the crotch area was left exposed. He hadn't cared enough to change back into his normal uniform before peeing, it wasn't like anyone would care if he was going commando. Except maybe 'Blue' - that was how he nicknamed it - but he doubted it even would know he was nude. Would an alien have a concept of nudity? It certainly didn't seem to be wearing clothes. Technically, it was violating the decency protocol more than he was.

He wasn't surprised when he saw it float inside the room, just as he was done washing his hands.

“Sorry, you've missed the show”, he joked. “Don't worry, there's one every few hours. Or even less if hydrate properly”.

Blue didn't seem bothered by his current state, at least not as far as he could tell. He tried to move past it, but it kept hovering in front of the door, extending its tendrils all around.

“I've got to get back to work, you know”.

It didn't move. Tom hesitated a few moments, then he reached out to touch the centre of its mass. He felt a slight tingle and gasped, unsure of whether he had imagined it or not but he could have sworn his fingertips had turned slightly transparent at the contact, the blue light permeating through them.

He retracted his hand, turning it around and looking at it. Everything seemed in order.

Then, one of those tendrils slid up to his wrist and wrapped around it, slithering up to his palm.

“Ah! Blue-”.

He interrupted himself. The light blue tendril felt soft and warm, making his skin tingle again. He knew he should have pulled himself free but he didn't move, watching in a mixture of awe and intimidation as the creature trailed the tip of its tendril along the lines on his palm.

“What are you... what are you doing?”.

He chuckled nervously, holding back the impulse to wrench his hand away. He now could clearly see how the other's touch left a luminescent trail on his skin, which faded away in the span of a few seconds. He was sure he should have been more alarmed, yet he didn't feel scared. For all he knew the creature might be harming him, but he didn't feel like that was the case.

"Alright, so, you're not going to eat me or something, right?". He closed his other hand around the tentacle to pull it off, and much to his surprise Blue allowed him to do so. However, then it decided to encircle the hand that was holding it, wrapping itself around his arm as it wandered further along his arm.

Tom didn't know what to do, but he was sure he shouldn't just be standing there and letting that alien just do whatever it wanted.

Another tendril wrapped itself around his ankle, which was floating just a few inches above the floor. He tried to move backwards, grasping on the edge of the entrance with his free hand and pulling himself towards the bathroom, but the creature just advanced with him and took hold of that hand as well.

"Hey, buddy, this is getting rather out of- Ah!"

While Tom was distracted, one of the tentacles had reached for his crotch and brushed against his cock, sending a warm shock through his body.

"Fuck, what are you- nh!".

He couldn't even finish his sentence before the tentacle decided to wrap around the base of his cock, squeezing it gently but firmly. Tom couldn't help but turn bright red as he felt his cock harden in the creature's grasp.

"That's- that's not... you...".

He tried to pull it off but the creature was holding both of his arms, and soon enough both of his legs too. More and more tentacles were now slithering along his skin, some of them sliding inside his suit from the opening in the crotch.


He couldn't believe what was happening. Never before had he thought he would ever come face to face with an actual alien, much less get molested by one. And the most absurd thing about it was that he was far less alarmed and disturbed by it than he should have been.

It wasn't like the creature was harming him, in fact its touch was quite gentle, even if insistent. The slight tingle only added to the feeling of pleasure that was slowly building up inside him, causing his cock to grow half-hard in the tentacle's grasp.

"Fucking perv", he grunted, unsure of whether it was directed at himself or Blue. Did it even understand what it was doing? His common sense told him that the creature was probably just exploring his body out of curiosity, however the way it was touching him seemed far too deliberate to be innocent in nature. It was like it was actively trying to get him off, but why would it do such a thing?

"I've been alone far too long, I must be losing my marbles", he muttered to himself. There was no way he would be growing hard from being touched by some sort of tentacled being if it wasn't for the fact he hadn't gotten laid in months, even before getting stranded there. He just hadn't felt like looking for someone after the breakup, and sooner than he knew he was being shipped off to space where the chances of finding another gay astronaut stationed in the same mission were not exactly too high. Not that it mattered, since he'd gotten lost amongst the stars anyway.

"So is that like your thing?", he asked Blue. "Approaching stranded spaceships and groping whoever's in there? Cause I've gotta tell you, your flirting skills suck. We could at least have found some way to communicate before, well, you know. I'm not the kind of guy that lets anyone get in his pants on the first date and- AH!".

One of the tentacles inside his suit found one of his nipples, the touch sending sparks all through his body. It was incredibly intense, far more intense than it ever had been with Alan - or anyone else for that matter.

Tom tried to control his breathing, fully aware of how loudly he was panting. Now that he'd given up on trying to escape from the creature's grasp, the only thing he could do was to not let himself be so overwhelmed by the pleasure as to forget the predicament he was in.

More and more of the creature's tentacles were slithering underneath his suit, brushing against his most sensitive spots and causing him to shiver all over, teasing his nipples and brushing against his bellybutton. The one around his now fully hard cock was moving rhythmically, stroking it and swirling its soft tip around his glans, pulling down his foreskin and then teasing the edge of his glans.

"Fuck, how did you even learn...".

He could barely think straight, let alone form words. One of the tentacles reached his lips and he made sure to close his mouth, not trusting the creature's intent. Another tentacle slithered inbetween his buttocks and started teasing his hole, making it twitch in response.

Tom held back from crying out, even when the tendril slowly pushed past his entrance, sliding inside him with a smooth movement. He expected it to hurt, instead there was barely any discomfort. The weird tingling sensation was there but rather than feeling uncomfortable it added to his pleasure, his body eagerly welcoming the foreign insertion.

"G-guess the stereotypes about aliens kidnapping and probing humans were right, huh?", he joked, his voice unsteady. Maybe it was crazy to joke around in that situation but that was how he always coped with the unexpected.

The tentacle slowly slid further inside him, making him shudder and gasp out loud. He felt it brush his prostate and moaned softly, grasping on the nearest tentacles. The creature let him do so, even when his grip tightened as the tendril inside him brushed against his prostate, making him cry out in pleasure.

As the creature kept on teasing him, playing with his nipples and slowly sliding that tentacle in and out of him, Tom was helpless to do anything but stay there and feel every inch of it reach the deepest parts of his insides, only to then slither backwards and almost slide out of his hole, then it would start to slide back in all the way until he almost feared it would go all the way through him and come out of his mouth.

"Fuck...why does this... feel so good?".

The more the creature's attentions continued, the more frustrated he felt. He'd always loved a good pounding, so the slow and gentle rhythm was driving him insane with need.

Soon enough, the fact that the other was some kind of monster from outer space started to matter less and less, overshadowed by the growing pleasure building up inside of him.

It was as if the other was aiming straight for his sweet spots, teasing him just enough for him to writhe and pant and moan out loud, but not enough to drive him over the edge.

"You fucking- what are you... ah! G-going so slow for?".

Since the creature didn't seem intentioned to go any faster, Tom tried to take the matter into his own hands and shake his hips to speed up its rhythm, meeting the tentacle's thrusts and moaning even louder.

As if that was its cue, Blue then decided to press one of his tentacles against his straining erection, engulfing it in its soft mass and stroking and squeezing it in a way that had him keening in pleasure.

Tom finally came then and there, arching up and squeezing down on the tentacle inside him, his whole body twitching and spasming as his cum spurted out inside of the glowing blue mass.

He watched helplessly as the pearly-white semen was sucked up by the tentacle, his now oversensitive cock aching from the stimulation. He had expected it to let go of him, but instead the creature doubled up its attack on him, finally thrusting its shaft faster and harder inside of him.

"F-fuck, wait, I just- ah!". He barely managed to protest, not when every part of his body was being subjected to the relentless attack of the creature's tentacles. "Goddamn it!"

More and more tendrils had slithered underneath his suit, and now his nipples felt as if they were being sucked on, pinched, squeezed and licked at the same time, the slight tingle only adding to the intense pleasure that was bordering on painful.

He no longer tried to fight the tentacle that pressed against his mouth, sliding inside and playing with his tongue as if he was being kissed. It sent sparks all over his body, the taste foreign and yet so delicious, he couldn't help but swallow it down as it went further and pushed past his throat.

His moans now silenced by the creature's flesh, the only sounds in the room came from his frantic breathing and from the obscene wet noises of the tentacles fucking his throat and his ass.

Tom's grasp tightened and he closed his eyes as he felt the light brush of a few tendrils against his ears, tracing the inner shell and his earlobes, then trailing down along his neck in a way that had him shivering. He was hard again, he didn't know how that was possible since he just came, but maybe that was also the creature's doing.

The tendrils encircled his whole body now, writhing like a single mass. Tom felt as if every inch of his skin had become an erogenous zone, from the tip of his toes to the back of his throat, everywhere the tentacles touched sent sparks thorough his body.

Soon enough another orgasm was building up inside of him, even more intense than the first one had been. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Tom feared he would be driven insane if this went on for much longer, he wasn't sure of how much more he could handle. And yet, he never wanted it to stop. Not when he was so close, his whole body practically vibrating in pleasure as the tides of the second orgasm washed over him, driving him over the edge again and causing him to scream out loud as his cock felt as if it was being milked dry by the tentacle that sucked and squeezed on it, drawing out every last drop of cum.

Even then, he was not given one second of rest as the creature continued its assault. Soft tendrils were cupping and lightly squeezing his balls, as if trying to coax them to produce more semen. A second tentacle probed at his ass and pushed through his already-filled hole, his body clenching tightly against the intrusion but rather than pushing it out, it was as if it was greedily trying to pull it in.

I'm going to die here, he thought, but rather than crying he felt more like laughing hysterically because of-fucking-course, of course his damn luck would have him be the first human to encounter an alien as well as the first one to get killed by one. Yet being fucked to death almost seemed like an upgrade to his previous fate - sure beat starving there alone with Frank, didn't it? If he had to die then might as well go out with a bang.

Just as he though that, his mind blanked for a second as the third orgasm coursed through his body, making him shake as if he was being electrocuted. His gaze was unfocused as he reopened his eyes, watching idly as his cum spurted out again and weakly taking notice of the fact that he could see the white strands shoot through his skin as it was made translucent by the tentacle. His whole body was glowing and partially see-through, it reminded him of when he was a kid and would press a flashlight against his fingers, watching his bones show through his flesh and skin.
He struggled to stay awake, but as the stimulation continued he could feel his exhaustion creep up on him even faster than his pleasure, losing consciousness just a few moments after he came again, still trapped in the creature's embrace.


The first thing he was aware of was the sound, an unpleasant insistent beeping that echoed thorough the ship.

He groaned, opening his eyes and seeing nothing, the darkness enveloping him as much as the tight grip around his body.

He suddenly remembered what happened and panicked, struggling against the warm cocoon that surrounded him, until his face finally emerged from the sleeping bag.

"What the...?", he whispered, his voice hoarse and weak. His throat ached, he was incredibly thirsty and his body felt heavy, making it hard to move his limbs. Now that he could see he realized he was no longer in the creature's grasp but rather in that of his sleeping bag, wrapped around him like a burrito and zipped up to his chin

He grunted and tossed and turned around until he was finally able to get his arms out, pulling the zipper down and rolling to the side, falling off from his bed with a soft thud.


He laid there on the cold floor for a few moments, dumbfounded. He'd just fallen down, but that shouldn't have happened. The gravity was still off, wasn't it?

He tried to get up, grasping on the bed frame to pull himself up and then resting his weight against it. His legs were shaking, he felt like a newborn fawn as he tried to walk out of the room, struggling to put one feet forward and then do the same with the other as he staggered out and slowly made his way to the main deck.

Once he was there, he finally realized the reason behind the loud beeping. The computer was alerting him of a call.

Wait... a call?

He gasped.

The communication module!

He half-staggered, half-ran to the computer, staring in disbelief at the notification of the upcoming message from his base.

"Oh, Blue".

He chuckled weakly, pressing one hand against the monitor and shaking his head.

"Guess I'm not dying out here after all", he whispered, before activating his voice module and sighing, taking a deep breath before speaking.

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control..."

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