More than just sex...

As fun as it is to write smut, sometimes I also like to write something a little different! Horror, sci-fi, adventure... here you will find some of my stories that are not meant to titillate.

While these stories have no explicit sex scenes, they still might contain violence and other sensitive content, so please mind the warnings.

Please also note that these stories, the situations and the characters in them fully belong to me, Tommykaine. Please note that the copying and reposting these works elsewhere without my permission is strictly forbidden!

Libro e caffè

One of the most fun writing experiences I've had recently has been to write a gamebook-style story, a multiple choice adventure that you can find here:

The Darkest Hour

Content warnings: this story handles difficult themes related to mental illness, drug use, alcohol abuse and self-neglect. Depending on the route, you might also come across scenes of body horror, sexual harassment, self-harm and mild to extreme violence. 

Sometime ago I wrote a story focused on a trans (FTM) protagonist, which you can find here:

Something you should know about me

Content warnings: gender dysphoria, transphobia, referenced child abuse, referenced past sexual violence, non-explicit sexual content

I once wrote a horror story set in a sorority, as I was fascinated by the idea of a creepy story in such a cheerful-looking setting. You can find it here:

Hell Week

Content warnings: entomophobia trigger (bugs and insects), hazing, psychological abuse, violence, minor character death, ableist language, mild nudity