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Hello there!

I've been working on the site, you might notice a few changes - for example I've gotten rid of the "reviews" page as it was a bit redundant, I've added this page for news, and I've activated my mailing list. You can join in and access two members-exclusive free stories! (hint: there's tentacles and femdom). I've also added a new page for non-smut stories in case people are interested in them!

During this quarantine, I'm working on quite a few things. I'm trying to finish my long, multichapter story (Please Don't Take My Sunshine), I've joined a project for an anthology (I'll post the link once their recruiting process goes live) and a writing challenge (Like A Pro. Proplayer Challenge).

Moreover, I'm trying to complete a short erotic anthology that I plan on releasing on Amazon, based on the 7 Deadly Sins.

I know I haven't posted many stories here yet, but I have some finished pieces I'm just waiting to polish up, so more will be added soon! Most of them have a fantasy setting, so think elves, magic, etc, but I've also got something more modern shamelessly inspired by hentai and doujinshi, and something with a little twist that might be posted either here or on AO3.

Anyway, I hope to have more updates soon. Thank you for reading!

- Tommykaine

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