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Good News!

As you might have noticed if you follow my Smashwords profile (and if you don't, go here!) I have finally been posting some new stories! I have been meaning to get back into publishing stories, but it's been rough... I won't bore you with all the details, but I have been struggling with mental health, have recently moved to a new city, I am looking for work and I am learning another trade as well. So, yeah, quite a lot has happened since the last time I published, but now I am hopefully back for good.

Moreover, there is currently a sale on ALL of my paid stories, so head over there to grab a copy! Both my new and my old stories are discounted, so it's a great chance to read something new or to try one of the stories you hadn't checked out yet, at a better price.

I've got more stories in the works, so you can look forward to that...

Stay tuned, and see you guys next time!

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