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These stories are accessible for free! Some can be found on my AO3 archive, but many are new original works exclusive to this website!


Please mind the content warnings.

Please also note that these stories, the situations and the characters in them fully belong to me, Tommykaine. Please note that the copying and reposting these works elsewhere without my permission is strictly forbidden!

Biancheria intima sul letto

Here is a selection of free stories that cannot be found anywhere but on this website:

  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart [Supernatural/Horror, M/M - contains: surrealism/weird imagery, light body horror, non-human genitals, mindfuck, corruption]

  • Expect The Unexpected - [Fantasy, M/M - contains: Orc/Elf pairing, bondage]

  • The Summoning[Fantasy, Xeno/M - contains: Tentacles/Human pairing, magic, initial consent leading to nonconsent, aphrodisiac, forced orgasm, bondage]

[Coming soon: More Sexy Stories!]


Empire State Building



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  • "The Summoning"



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All of my AO3 works can be found here.

Not all of them are NSFW, for a selection of my original sexy stories I recommend: