Expect the Unexpected


Versal had never seen an orc before.

He was tall, much taller than anyone that Versal had ever seen, whether elf or even human.

He was thicker too, as wide as a tree, with massive arms that looked like they could uproot one with ease. His skin had a greenish-brown hue and his eyes had the color of amber. They were currently pointed at Versal, features twisted into a menacing scowl.

“What d’ya want?”, the orc barked at him, crossing his arms in front of his chest, making his pecs seem even bigger. He wasn’t wearing anything above his belt and Versal couldn’t help but notice the black tattoos around his biceps and collarbone.

“Sorry, it’s just it’s the first time I’ve ever seen an orc”, Versal said, figuring he had been quite rude. “My name is Versal, and you are?”

The orc lifted one eyebrow, staring at him in silence for a long minute. Versal felt a bit intimidated, still he did not move.

Eventually, the orc shrugged and muttered: “Rurkath”.

“Rur- kur… what?”. Versal tried to repeat it, but the guttural sound was quite hard for him to replicate. “Do you mind if I call you Ruri?”.

The orc scoffed. Versal was not quite sure if it was as a yes or a no.

“What d’ya want, elf?”, Rurkath asked again.

“Nothing, really. I’m just bored. My father left me here with my brother to arrange some kind of business, and my ‘opinion was neither wanted nor needed’, to put it in my brother’s terms, so I was cordially invited to leave. I figured I would have a stroll around the market. And you?”.

Rurkath stared at him in silence again. When Versal didn’t leave, he shrugged and looked away.

“I guard”.

“I see. What are you guarding?”

The orc looked at him as if he was an idiot.

“None of yer business”.

“Hey, I was just making conversation. It’s fine if you don’t want to say. You must get bored, staying here all day guarding… uhm, whatever it is that you are guarding”.

The orc shrugged.

“Not really”.

Versal moved in closer, placing his hand against the orc’s belly. It was round but not soft, he could feel the muscles beneath the fat, his skin thick and hard, like touching a hot rock that had been warmed up by the sun.

“It must get lonely, too…”.

There was no response. However, the orc was eyeing him warily, especially when his hand started to slowly move down lower.

“A big boy like you, standing here all day, with no one to talk to…” – his hand reached Rurkath’s belt, fingers idly playing with the clasp that held it close. – “…with nothing fun to do, for so many long, long hours”.

When his hand unclasped his belt and tried to slip inside his pants, the orc grasped on his wrist, hard enough to bruise him.

“What d’ya think you’re doing?”, he growled, pulling it up and twisting it painfully.

“Ow! You brute!”, Versal tried to pull his hand free but it was like trying to free himself from a metal vise. “I was just… uhm, I just wanted to give you… a massage?”.

The orc narrowed his eyes.

“You really seem like you could use a massage, is all I’m saying. Look at how tense you are!”

Rurkath finally let go of his arm, and Versal brought it to his own chest, massaging with his other hand.

“Piss off”.

“Aw, I was just trying to be friendly. You’re really mean”. Versal pouted, then he placed his hand on the orc’s big, strong bicep, taking the chance to give it an appreciative squeeze. “But if you change your mind about that massage, I’ll be around”.

Rurkath just glared at him until he left.


Rurkath had known something was up with that elf since the first moment he saw him. His instinct never betrayed him.

Therefore, when he’d heard a loud noise coming from behind the port he was guarding and rushed inside, he had not been too surprised to see him in there, holding the wrapped up artifact in his hands and chuckling nervously.

“Well… this is awkward”.

Once he’d tied him up and waited for his boss to come back, he had expected he would finally be rid of his guard duties so he could go and have a good night of sleep before their travel. However, once the man was back he did praise Rurkath for his attention, but also then sentenced:

“Well, we’ll be taking this elf thief back with us, I’m sure he’ll fetch a good price. Orc, you keep guard on him tonight and make sure he does not escape”.

Rurkath had to hold back a pained groan. Instead, he glared towards the elf. He better be paid extra for this.

So, that was why as the night fell and his boss retired himself to sleep, Rurkath had to stay up and keep his eyes stuck to the elven prisoner. At least this time he could sit down, which he did appreciate. It had been a long day.

“Looks like we’re stuck here alone, huh? And for the whole night. Allll alone together… with no one else to disturb us…”.

Rurkath sighed. It was going to be a long night as well.

“Say, I know I’m your prisoner and all, but do you think you could untie my hands?”.

Rurkath scoffed. Did that elf really think he was that stupid?

“I could give you that massage I had promised you”, the elf continued.

What was his name again? Vassa, Vessa, something like that. Rurkath did not remember, nor did he particularly care to.

“Come on, just for a little while. It’s just my arms are getting numb…”

“Shut up!”.

“Come on, it’d be worth it!”

The elf crawled up towards him, despite having his arms tied up behind his back and his ankles tied together. He managed to reach his side and rubbed his cheek against his shoulder, like an extremely overgrown cat except less furry – and less cute.

“Come on… don’t be so mean, I’m really good with my hands”.

Rurkath pushed him away, making him fall over.

“Save yer breath. I’m not falling for yer tricks”.

The elf humpfed, getting himself up on his knees again and pouting.

“Look, I know what it looks like. And yes, I was also trying to distract you back then, that is true. But I also really would like to get to know you better. Like, getting to know what’s underneath those”, the elf continued, nodding slightly towards his pants. “Is it true that orcs are as hung as–”.

“Will ya shut up?”, Rurkath snapped, grasping him by the front of his shirt and dragging him towards him, snarling in his face. “Did ya fall on yer head as a brat? What’s yer damn problem?”.

The elf stared up at him with a lecherous grin.

“You know, actually this is kind of hot. You could play the brutish orc warrior and I can be the tied-up, helpless elf prisoner”.

Rurkath let go of him, watching with some satisfaction as he plopped heavily onto the ground.

“Oof! Yeah, that’s the spirit”. The elf looked up at him and placed his head on one of his knees. “You could rough me up a little, then I can tear up and beg you to spare me, be all like ‘oh I will do anything, please, anything, just let me go’ and y–”.

“What will it fucking take for ya to shut the fuck up?!”, Rurkath snapped, grasping on his long, blond hair and pulling it back.

“Ow! I’m just really pent up, that’s all, and you… you look so damn big and strong and sexy”.

Despite how annoying the other was, Rurkath had to admit that was kind of flattering. No one had ever described him as sexy before.

But no… no, he immediately realized, it had to be a trick.

“Yer just trying to distract me so ya can try to escape”.

“No! No I’m not– I mean I see why you would think… but no!”, the elf immediately replied, sounding almost offended. “Take off my pants and you’ll see!”.

Rurkath frowned and looked down at the other’s loose trousers. What a ridiculous idea. But then again…

No, no he could not humour him! He was a prisoner, and he was supposed to guard him, not… cavort with him or anything equally absurd.

…then again, maybe if he did humour him for a while he finally would shut up for good?

Unable to fully brush off the feeling that he was making a huge mistake, Rurkath lowered his other hand and grasped on the hem of the elf’s pants, tugging them down to his knees. Much to his surprise, the elf’s cock was pointing upwards, proving that he was not lying.

“Yes! Finally”. The elf’s eyes lit up and he glanced down between Rurkath’s legs. “Now, time to show me yours”.

“You don’t get to give orders”, Rurkath barked at him, though in part it was because he was embarrassed to admit that the situation was not leaving him indifferent. As he looked down at the elven prisoner, he couldn’t help but wonder if he could use his mouth for something more interesting than talking.

“I’m not freeing yer hands”, he warned him, before grasping on the front of his shirt and pulling it over his head, then behind his back where it bunched up since he could not untie him. Now the smaller elf was almost fully nude in front of him. His lithe body was toned up and athletic, probably quite nimble since he was a thief. Rurkath couldn’t help but let his hands wander, groping at his slender legs and his toned buttocks, moving up to caress his chest and brush his rough thumb against his hard nipples, making the elf gasp out loud. He saw his little cock twitch, desperate for attention, but he did not touch it.

“Yer gonna be fucked good when we get back to the village”, he taunted him, grasping on his chin and forcing him to look at him in the eyes. “The boss’s not gonna be kind to ya. He’ll probably sell you to the nearest brothel”.

“What if you asked him to keep me instead?”, the elf proposed with a bold smirk, though Rurkath had seen a glimpse of fear in his eyes. “Could be a reward for being such a good guard”.

He scoffed. “Why would I do that? It’s yer fault I won’t get to sleep in the first place”.

“There’s much better things we can do rather than sleep”, the elf said in a suggestive tone, licking his lips and glancing down at Rurkath’s crotch again.

Rurkath didn’t answer. Instead, he undid the front of his own pants and finally freed his own half-hard cock, before grasping on the elf’s hair again and shoving his face against it, rubbing it on his cheek.

“More sucking an' less talking”, he grunted.

The elf’s blue eyes had grown wide at the sight, his pale cheeks flushing. He seemed to be frozen in awe, but when Rurkath pressed him down with more insistence he finally stuck out his tongue and started to lick it.

Rurkath couldn’t help but let out a content sigh, loosening his grasp and just placing his hand on top of his hair to give him more freedom, ready to grip on it again if he tried to move away or bite him or something equally annoying.

The elf’s tongue moved skillfully along his cock, from the base to the tip and then down again, tracing along the bulging veins on its sides, making it grow harder. Once it was fully erect, he opened his soft lips and closed his mouth around the tip, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around the edge of its crown.

Rurkath groaned in pleasure, grasping on his hair again and pushing his head down lower. The elf struggled to take more of his cock in, but he didn’t protest, not even when Rurkath kept on pressing until the elf’s nose was buried in his pubic hairs, his eyes watery with tears and his throat spasming around his length.

“So yer big mouth’s useful for something after all”, Rurkath teased him, holding him down for a few more moments before pulling his head back and allow him to let go of his cock, watching as he coughed loudly and gagged.

“I-it’s so big”, the elf said, his voice strained.

Rurkath grasped on his own cock and started to stroke it, rubbing the tip against the elf’s lips. “And ya wanted me to keep ya? Hah! Ya know what this would do to yer ass?”.

Much to his surprise, the elf’s eyes lit up.

“…I’m not breaking yer ass. The boss would be mad. Would have to lower the price if ya got too loose”.

The elf looked at him in a mixture of annoyance and disbelief

“Too loose… do you really think I’m some blushing virgin? My ass is as open as the doors of a tavern on a weekend!”, the elf snapped back, sounding almost offended by his assumption.

“Weren’t ya elves all about just fucking with yer spouse and all that?”.

“Weren’t you orcs all about killing and raping and stealing and all that?”.

Rurkath snorted. “Fair enough”.

He glanced down at the elf’s body again. It looked so tight and welcoming. His cock twitched eagerly.

Still… why did he get the feeling it was a really bad idea?

“So? Are you gonna be good and do everything your boss says? For how much, by the way? I bet he’s not even paying you an extra for tonight”, the elf teased him, before leaning down to lick his cock again. “I think you deserve a nice reward… working so hard all day, having to watch his stuff and keep guard for mean little thieves like me… wouldn’t you like to punish me, after all? Show me what happens when someone tries to fuck with you?”

“Gods, shut the fuck up already”.

Rurkath didn’t know what to think, but he didn’t care. Before he could change his mind and think too hard about it, he grasped on the elf’s hips and placed him in his own lap, his cock pressed in-between the elf’s soft cheeks. Immediately, the perverted elf started to rub them against him and look at him with a lustful expression.

“Give it to me, Ruri, come on…giv-AH!”

Rurkath lifted him up and pressed his ass down on his spit-slicked cock, smirking in satisfaction as he finally managed to shut him up for a while. For all his talk about having slept around, his ass was squeezing down on his cock as if it was trying to rip it off of him. Maybe he was exaggerating with his claims. Oh well… too late.

Much to his surprise, a few tears were escaping from the elf’s eyes.

“Gods… it really is huge”, he gasped, panting heavily and shivering all over.

“Ya fucking idiot! I told ya it was too…”.

“Harder”, the elf practically moaned out, looking up at him and leaning in closer, before pressing his lips against Rurkath’s.

Rurkath froze up in surprise. The last thing he was expecting was for the other to kiss him, and at first he just stood there as if he didn’t know what to do.

Then he figured what the hell, fuck it, and grasped on the elf’s hair again as he shoved his tongue in his mouth, kissing him fiercely, keeping a hold of his body with the other hand as he started to move his hips, slamming them against his ass and shoving inch after inch inside his small body, until he finally was slapping his balls against the other’s flesh.

He fucked him hard and fast, just as he was asked, and kept on kissing him until they both had to part to breathe, the elf now gasping and moaning out loud in pleasure even as the tears kept falling down his cheeks and his insides kept on squeezing Rurkath’s length. It was tighter than anything he’d ever felt before, even tighter than the very first orc he’d ever fucked when they both were young and it had been both of their first time. He wasn’t sure of how that small body could even handle his cock, but somehow that perverted elf was clearly loving it despite how painful that had to be for him.

Rurkath could not last too long, not in that tight, velvet heat, so he brought one hand down to stroke the elf’s cock at the same rhythm as his thrusts, fucking him so hard that the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the hair, both of their bodies slick with sweat.

“Aah! Ah! F-fuck… fuck, I’m coming! Ruri, I’m coming, plea–”

Rurkath shut him up again with a fierce kiss, biting on his lower lip as he came, grunting loudly in pleasure and filling him up to the brim. A few shallow thrusts later, the elf finally spurted in his hand while his insides squeezed hard around his cock, milking every last drop of his cum from him.

Rurkath felt exhausted, drained of all of his forces. He was barely able to lift the other up and watch as his cock slipped out of his stretched-open ass, his own cum flowing out down the elf’s trembling legs in copious amounts.

As for the elf himself, he too looked tired but satisfied, his whole body limp and flushed, his lips curved up into an all-too-pleased smile.

Fuck. His clothes. They were drenched in both cum and sweat. There was no way his boss would not know what they did.

Rurkath sighed. Oh well. It was a worry for tomorrow. For now, he was too tired to do anything but roll to his side and close his eyes, holding the shivering elf tight to his chest.


When he woke up the next day, it took Rurkath a few moments to realize something was wrong.

First off, he couldn’t move. He was completely paralyzed.

Second, the elf was standing up in front of him with a wide smirk on his face.

And, in his hands, he was holding the artifact. The artifact he was supposed to be guarding!

“Sorry, Ruri, I know I said I wasn’t trying to distract you so I could escape… I totally was. But also I really wanted to get fucked by an orc so that part wasn’t a lie”.

Rurkath paled, his face twisting in fury. That fucking little shit!

He tried to open his mouth to call for his boss, but of course that too was paralyzed. He could only let out a muffled, unintelligible loud groan.

“Now, before you get mad, the good news is I really enjoyed our time together. So, you’re coming with me. My brother said I could keep you!”, the elf continued with a small chuckle. “I’m sure we will all have fun together on the way!”.

Rurkath groaned again. He should have listened to his gut.

In the end, he really was the one who got fucked.

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