Commission me

Do you have something in mind that you haven't seen on my website yet? I will write the sexy fantasy of your dreams, starting at 0,02 euro per word (0,024 USD). I'd ask for a minimum of 500 words as it's quite tricky to write smut with a very limited wordcount.

You will be able to request nearly any type of content*, as well as to decide whether you will be the only one to see it or if I am allowed to post it here on my website for public viewing or on my store to be purchased. Please note I'd rather not be contacted for ghostwriting, so my rates will be significantly higher if that is your request.

I am also available for translations from English to Italian and vice versa. Please contact me for further information.

*Please note that I will not write stories containing underage sex or bestiality – furries, aliens, monsters and other fantasy creatures are not counted as the latter.

Interested? Please contact me here, on my tumblr or via e-mail

Rose Rosse In Acqua