About me

Hi, you can call me Tommykaine, and I've been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen. By now, I have been writing erotic stories for over 10 years!


I live in Italy, but all the stories posted in here are in English. I'm a bisexual guy with a wide variety of tastes, so my stories range from plain ol' vanilla to smuttier fantasy stories involving monsters and other creatures.


This website is my portfolio and archive. I have plenty of free stories that you can access from here, as well as on my AO3 profile. Still, if you would like to support me, please buy me a coffee, buy one of my sexy stories from here, or just share my work with your friends! And if you loved one or more of my stories and really want to make my day, please make sure to leave a comment!


Most of my stories are original smut stories as that's what I like to read. Sometimes I'm in the mood for something and think "what a pity, I can't find this type of story anywhere". Fortunately for me, being a writer means that I can write the sexy story of my dreams, any way I want it, so really it's all about writing the kind of things I would like to read and sharing them with others, as I've learned I'm not the only one with peculiar tastes!

I draw inspiration from all sorts of things, from the dark recesses of my mind to comic book and movies, as well as some initiatives I find online such as kinktober and other sexy challenges. I definitely am influenced by hentai as well, as I enjoy the way it doesn't take itself seriously and often plays with the tropes of the genres. Not that I can't enjoy more serious stories as well, in fact a lot of my works have a more realistic and sometimes even quite dark tone to them. It's all about variety!

Some of my works also deal with the theme of consent, and lack thereof. This is something that I think is important to keep strictly in the realm of fiction, in real life I absolutely do not condone nonconsensual sexual acts and in fact I've had a few unfortunate experiences myself. I enjoy exploring the theme in the safety of a story, where one can start reading and stop anytime if it gets too overwhelming, and where there are warnings to let one know what they are getting into in advance of time.


If you'd like to support me and the site, you can buy me a coffee over at https://ko-fi.com/tommykaine

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Do you have something in mind that you haven't seen on my website yet? I will write the sexy fantasy of your dreams, starting at 8 euro per 1000 words.


Please note that I will not write stories containing underage sex or beastiality – furries, aliens, monsters and other fantasy creatures are not counted as the latter.

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